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EKG Technician

Updated: Jun 16

EKG TECHNICIAN: The Program takes 4 weeks, most of our graduates go on to study Phlebotomy and become Combo EKG\Phlebotomy Technician, they will be able to secure jobs in Clinics, Doctor's offices, Hospitals and Laboratory, The Ekg Technician does the Electrocardiogram on patients, they put the leads on the patients chest and do the preliminary evaluation of the result.

The objective of the EKG Technician is to be part of the diagnosis and management process of the cardiac patients.  Participants will learn the basic Human Anatomy and physiology and commonly used Medical Terminology and vital signs in preparation for the core course of Electrocardiography.

Classes are scheduled to begin on 9/7/21 (Morning and Evening)

Call us at: 908-352-1004

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