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Pharmacy Technician Program

PHARMACY TECHNICIAN: Our graduates of this program earn the prestigious Board Certified Pharmacy Technician status after passing the PTCB Licensing examination and also become NJ Registered Pharmacy Technician with these they are definitely able to secure employment positions in Top Hospitals, Pharmacy stores, Billing and Insurance offices, Since 2012 only PTCB Certified pharmacy Technicians are hired in hospitals across the US.

Branford Institute is a recognized training program by PTCB, our graduates are eligible to sit for PTCB exams, click here for more information about PTCB


This comprehensive program has been designed for the student who seeks an entry level position in the Allied Health field. Graduates of this program will have marketable skills in Pharmacy technician work, front desk activities in a pharmacy shop or Pharmacy department of a hospital and be able to read physicians prescriptions and assist the pharmacist in filling prescriptions.

The Pharmacy Technician program consist of six independent modules of Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical calculations, etc. Upon completion of all modules, the student will; participate in 50 Hour (Non-Mandatory) externship experience, utilizing theory and practice conditions covered in the classroom. Upon successful completion, the graduate will be able to secure employment positions in pharmacy stores, clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.